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Venue: Daresbury Laboratories, Keswick Lane, Daresbury WA4 4AD
Tel: 01925 603000  for B Team          

Secretary: Norbert Collomb, 1 Purdy Close, Old Hall, Warrington, WA5 9QU
Tel:  07950 790512;   Email:Norbert.collomb@stfc.ac.uk
Number of Teams: 2
Home Night: Wednesday

Venue:  ‘A’ Team play at Runcorn SC; ‘B’ Team play at Daresbury Laboratories;
Start Time:7.30pm                  

NOTE: Daresbury A are playing at RUNCORN SC                                                     

Venue: Eli-Lilly, Works Canteen, Fleming Road, Speke, Liverpool  L24 9LN Tel: 0151 486 3939 (Match night only)
Secretary: Michael O’Malley 23 Church Rd, Old Swan, Liverpool L3 2AU
Tel:  07855 039251  Email: mick_mom@hotmail.com
Number of Teams: 1
Home Night: Wednesday

Team Contacts: Rob Finnigan Tel: 0151 475 2234 Email: finrob99@blueyonder.co.uk;

Venue: Farnworth Methodist Church,(Lower Hall) Derby Road, Widnes
Tel: 0151 423 1607 (venue)
Secretary: Ian Simm,  6 Cornwall Road, Widnes
Tel: Tel 0151 423 2656; Email: iansimm3@hotmail.com
Number of Teams: 1
Home Night: Monday
Start Time: 8.30pm Finish 10.30pm; Play on 2 tables                                                                   

Venue: Jaguar Land Rover Social Club. 77 Cronton Lane, Widnes, WA8 5AJ

Secretary: Ken Bennett, 38 Halegate Road, Widnes, WA8 8LZ
Tel: 0151 425 3450; Email:kennybennett38@gmail.com
Number of Teams: 1
Home Night: Tuesday
Start Time: 7.30pm
'A' Team Rob Hughes Tel: 0151 423 5729  Email: bobhughes105@sky.com

Halton Table Tennis Club
Venue: Halton Regional TT Centre, Halton Stadium, Lower house Lane, Widnes, WA8 7DZ
Tel: 0151 510 6020 (reception)   0151 510 6024 (office)
Secretary: Karen Tonge, 1 Malpas Rd, Runcorn, WA7 4AD  Tel: 01928 563640 

NB: Contact individual team secretary in the first instance re: matches;                           Emergency contact: Karen Tonge Tel: 01928 563640
Number of Teams:
Home Night: Tuesday 

Start Time: 7.15pm Finish 9.30pm; Play on 2 tables                                                                          

'A' Team:    Geoff Pye       Tel: 07778 215552     

'B' Team:    Tom Wald  Email: Thomas.wald@ntlworld.com      Tel: 07758 535155                                                                                     

'C' Team     Alan Johnson  Email: a-johnson50@hotmail.co.uk  Tel: 01744 604270

Venue: The Shining Light Centre, Sutton Manor Primary School, Forest Rd, St Helens WA9 4PD
Secretary: Peter Findlater, 218 Ditchfield Road, Widnes, WA8 8XR                                                                                                                  

Tel: 07713 287028; Email: peter.findlater@lycos.com; 
Number of Teams: 1
Home Night: Wednesday StartTime:7pm                                                                                                                                                                                                         

WIDNES Rugby Union Table Tennis Club  (WRU TTC)                                                                                 Venue: Widnes RUFC, Prescott Road Widnes WA8 7DW
Tel: 0151 424 2575

Directions: Table Tennis building is black double entrance doors alongside Pitch and between squash courts and Main Club House (viewed from car park).  Once inside ascend one flight of stairs.

Secretary: Billy Wheeler, 4 Moyles Close, Widnes WA8 9ZX  Tel:0151 420 3155; Mob: 07552 671841  Email: glynwheels@aol.com
Number of Teams: 3
Home Night: All teams - Wednesday;
Start Time: 7.15pm for 7.30pm start                                                                                               

Team WRU A: Billy Wheeler;   Tel:0151 420 3155; Mob: 07552 671841  Email: glynwheels@aol.com
Team WRU B: Jordan Abbott;  Mob: 07761 698022   Email: abbottjordan69@gmail.com                                                                     
Team WRU C: Joe Tighe;  Mob: 07702 683153  Email: joetighe@btinternet.com


Venue: Wellington Hale TTC, Town Lane, Hale Village, L24 4AG


Number of Teams: 1

Home Night: Thursday

Start Time:

For further information contact e-mail address: haltonleague@haltontabletennis.co.uk