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Venue: Daresbury Laboratories, Keswick Lane, Daresbury WA4 4AD
Tel: 01925 603000  for B and C; Daresbury A are playing at Runcorn SC          

Secretary: Brenda Owen, 32 Wordsworth Avenue, Warrington, WA4 6AN
Tel:  01925 652030; Email:brenda.owen1@ntlworld.com
Number of Teams: Three
Home Night: Wednesday A and C; Tuesday B

NOTE: Daresbury A are playing at RUNCORN SC                                                     

'A' Team:

' B Team: Norbert Collomb Email: Norbert.collomb@stfc.ac.uk  Tel: 07950 790512 C Team: Brenda Owen Email: Brenda.owen1@ntlworld.com Tel: 01925 652030

Venue: Eli-Lilly, Works Canteen, Fleming Road, Speke, Liverpool L24 9LN Tel: 0151 486 3939 (Match night only)
Secretary: Michael OMalley 23 Church Rd, Old Swan, Liverpool L3 2AU
Tel:  07855 039251 Email: mick_mom@hotmail.com
Number of Teams: One
Home Night: Wednesday

Team Contacts: Rob Finnigan Tel: 0151 475 2234 Email: finrob99@blueyonder.co.uk;

Venue: Farnworth Methodist Church,(Lower Hall) Derby Road, Widnes
Tel: 0151 423 1607 (venue)
Secretary: Ian Simm,  6 Cornwall Road, Widnes
Tel: Tel 0151 423 2656; Email: iansimm3@hotmail.com
Number of Teams: One
Home Night: Monday
Start Time: 8.30pm Finish 10.30pm; Play on 2 tables                                                                   

A Team: Ian Simm (as above)

Venue: Fords Sports & Social Club, Cronton Road, Cronton, Widnes.WA8 5AJ
Tel: 0151 424 7078
Secretary: Ken Bennett, 38 Halegate Road, Widnes, WA8 8LZ
Tel: 0151 425 3450; Email:kennybennett38@gmail.com
Number of Teams: Two
Home Night: Tuesday
Start Time: 7.30pm
'A' Team Rob Hughes Tel: 0151 423 5729 Email: bobhughes105@sky.com
'B' Team Peter Cunningham Tel: 0151 281 1481 Email: peterbar@blueyonder.co.uk

Halton Table Tennis Club
Venue: Halton Regional TT Centre, Halton Stadium, Lower house Lane, Widnes, WA8 7DZ
Tel: 0151 510 6020 (reception)   0151 510 6024 (office)
Secretary: Karen Tonge, 1 Malpas Rd, Runcorn, WA7 4AD  Tel: 01928 563640

NB: Contact individual team secretary in the first instance re: matches; Emergency contact: Karen Tonge Tel: 01928 563640
Number of Teams:
Home Night: Tuesday B C, D E; Thursday A (B & C together; D & E together)

Start Time: 7.15pm Finish 9.30pm; Play on 2 tables                                                                      

'A' Team:    Dave Southall

'B' Team: Tom Wald Email: Thomas.wald@ntlworld.com

'C' Team Peter Wooley

'D' Team: Peter Wilson Tel: 0151 420 6726 Email: thewilsons12@aol.com Tel: 0151 420 6726 or Peter Woolley 01925 634687                   

E team: TBC

Venue: Runcorn Sports Club, Moughland Lane, Runcorn WA7 4SD Tel: 01928 575656
Secretary: Paul Ingham, Brignant, Halkyn Rd, Holywell, Flintshire CH8 7SJ
Tel: 01352 349022; Mob: 07910 679302; Email: ingham1956@sky.com         
'Number of Teams: 2
Home Night: Tuesday: A , B Start Time: 7.30pm                                                                                                                          

'A' Team:    Dave Southall  Tel: 01928 701667  Mob: 07710 679302 Email: DBSFin-IR-IP-Ahd@mod.uk                      

'B' Team:  Paul Ingham (as above)

PLUS: Daresbury A on Wednesday night


Venue: St Bedes Catholic Junior School, Appleton Village, Widnes WA8 6EL Tel: 07968 291859 or 07964 680072

Secretary: Bernard Keogh, 14 Tennyson Road, Widnes Tel: 0151 424 11 65 Mobile: 07968 291859 Email: b.keogh@ntlworld.com

Home night: Monday Team Contacts: B Keogh (as above) or Jim OGrady Tel: 0151 420 2232 DIRECTIONS: From Birchfield Road turn left into Appleton Rd. Drive along Appleton Rd and turn into a council car park opposite The Village Club. Drive to the top of the car park and take a narrow entrance lane past St Bedes club (left) and the Presbetry (right). Drive directly ahead through a barrier (it is raised at night), ahead through the school gates and park on the playground near an entrance located mid-school.

Venue: The Shining Light Centre, Sutton Manor Primary School, Forest Rd, St Helens WA9 4PD
Secretary: Peter Findlater, 218 Ditchfield Road, Widnes, WA8 8XR

Tel: 07713 287028; Email: peter.findlater@lycos.com; 
Number of Teams: 3
Home Night: All Wednesday StartTime:7pm                                                                                                 

A Team: Peter Findlater  Tel: 0151 420 2883 (H);  07713 287028 (mob);

B Team: John Appleton Tel: 01744 814999;   Email: johnappleton2@sky.com                 

C Team: Barry O'Keefe  21b Wheatsheaf Ave Sutton Leach St Helens   Tel: 01744 816298;

WIDNES Rugby Union Table Tennis Club  (WRU TTC) Venue: Widnes RUFC, Prescott Road Widnes WA8 7DW
Tel: 0151 424 2575

Directions: Enter via the main club house door on the right hand side of the car park (facing rugby pitch) and the Club Steward will give access to the Table Tennis facility.

Secretary: Billy Wheeler, 4 Moyles Close, Widnes WA8 9ZX Tel:0151 420 3155; Mob: 07552 671841 Email: glynwheels@aol.com Email: b.keogh@ntlworld.com
Number of Teams: Four
Home Night: All Wednesday;
Start Time: 7.15pm for 7.30pm start                                                                                               

Team WRU A: Billy Wheeler; Tel:0151 420 3155; Mob: 07552 671841 Email: glynwheels@aol.com
Team WRU B: Jordan Abbott;  Mob: 07761 698022 Email: abbottjordan69@gmail.com
Team WRU C: Joe Tighe; Mob: 07702 683153 Email: joetighe@btinternet.com

Team WRU D: Frank Lawless; Tel: 0151 424 0492 Email:franklawless100@hotmail.com


For further information contact e-mail address: haltonleague@haltontabletennis.co.uk